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We are excited to introduce one of our latest additions to the gym, Infrared Light Therapy!

Our medical-grade device includes both red and near infrared light therapy, that has been scientifically proven to effectively improve a wide range of health issues, including:
*Muscle recovery
*Joint pain & arthritis
*Weight loss
*Skin health
*Mental clarity
*Sexual performance
*Hormonal balance
*Relaxation & sleep

These benefits occur due to increased production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), enhanced cellular signaling, and elevated protein synthesis; as a result of the infrared light.

Some of the main concerns that people seek infrared light therapy treatment for include: skin health (wrinkles, acne, wounds), thyroid function, weight loss, joint pain & arthritis, muscle recovery, boost testosterone, brain health & cognitive function, and sleep & circadian rhythm.

Recommended session time is 10 minutes – cost is $15 per session. Enquire with us at the office to book a session.

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