Class Timetable


High Altitude classes (O2 Advantage) are not included in the ‘Unlimited Classes’ memberships.

Please contact us to book in for all classes at this time- bookings are essential.

Classes will not run on Public Holidays.


Class Descriptions

O2 Advantage: Burn up to 25% MORE calories with High Altitude training. High Intensity Interval Training, incorporating a range of exercises and utilising our different equipment in our High Altitude studio to get you maximum results, faster!

MetCon: Metabolic Conditioning is a combination of interval and strength training designed to burn more calories during your workout and maximise calories burned after your workout. MetCon classes will include a variety of functional, strength, power and HIIT training.

MetCon X: Metabolic Conditioning with more of an emphasis on strength, conditioning and muscle building.

Strength & Tone: Focusing on strengthening the full body incorporating weight training and toning exercises but keeping it lower-impact than MetCon.

Boxfiit: A simple, no co-ordination-needed boxing workout.

Spin: A combination of hill climbs, sprints and interval training are incorporated to provide a vigorous workout.

Strength & Stretch Floor Workout: Low impact focusing on stretching, flexibility and core strength.

Gold Club: A structured physical activity program for those 60+ incorporating circuit training, weight training, walking, low intensity aerobic training and recreational sporting type activities.


High Altitude classes (O2 Advantage) are not included in the ‘Unlimited Classes’ memberships. Lunch Time High Altitude classes are a continuous circuit where you can join in at anytime during the hour.

Bookings are essential for the evening High Altitude classes (O2 Advantage) only.

Classes will not run on Public Holidays.

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