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Biohacking Program: Optimize your body through extreme adaptation

Here at Warrnambool 24/7 Gym & Fitness we enjoy all challenges when helping clients with their health & fitness.
Biohacking gives us the confidence as trainers to work with people facing enormous challenges, whether it is a sporting challenge or a life threating illness. We have many success stories that can speak of their challenges and their experiences to draw motivation from, it just needs you to ask and consider, that this maybe for you.

Biohacking is the use of science and technology to manipulate the human body’s adaption, through exposing the body to extreme environmental changes, both internal and external.

The human body is the most sophisticated and capable living being on the planet and through the extreme challenges created with Biohacking, the sophistication and capabilities of your body will ignite.

Biohacking Outcomes
• Powerful immune system
• Quicker healing & recovery
• Anti aging stimulation
• Increased V02 Max
• Rapid Weight loss
• Balanced body strength
• Higher self awareness & connection

The Biohacking Program uses the following scienced based equipment and methods.
• Cross Oxygen Training
• Hot & Cold Stimulation
• Simulated High Altitude Training
• Infra-Red Heat Therapy
• Time Restricted Eating
• Macro Modified Clean Eating Plan
• Quality Supplementation
• Power Resistance Weight Training
• Earthing
• Meditation

The Biohacking Program is individually designed to meet your health & fitness objectives and to suit your time restrictions and work commitments.

Stage 1 / 4weeks: A fast results driven program using Biohacking Stimulation everyday to switch everything on from your metabolism to your mind set.
Stage 2 / 4 weeks: A continuation of your initial results through consistency using your preferred and suitable Biohacking Methods & Equipment.
Stage 3 Is the development of a maintenance program from your Biohacking Experience and our assessment of your results for the long-term benefits through your newfound optimum health.

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